Apprenticeship Aggreement

Apprenticeship agreement with clarifications.pdf


O        On this page you will find information which can help you with the applying for an apprenticeship

           Below are the courses the tests are based on. This is the type of material you need to study in order to do well on the exams

           You do not have to have taken these courses in school in order to apply. People have asked what do I need to study so we have put this information to help you

           the rest is up to you.

           Electrician- Grade 12, Math 12 (trigonometry) Physic 11, English 11

           Instrument- Grade 12, Physics 11, English 11, Math Academic 12, Chemistry 11

           Millwright, Pipefitter, Machinist, and all other Trades- Grade 12 Math 11 Academic